Thursday Nov 21, portal room


Today Ariel beat me to the dungeon table again this morning so she built this portal room thing. She used all of the floor tiles building height, so it is a cozy little place.


I could imagine that the portals go from one realm in the front to a parallel realm in the back. The portal rooms are similar, but not quite the same, because, you know, parallel universes are always just a little bit different.


And since everyone liked the ‘shot through the window’ yesterday, here is a similar first-person view from the front door, it shows the elevation nicely.


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Wed Nov 20: hilltop lookout


Today Ariel built a hilltop lookout with a second floor lookout window.


Also I took a photo of the inner door through the lookout window that was kinda fun, so here that is:


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Tuesday Nov 19: a ruined keep


Today we have a ruined keep, the forecourt and front hall have been lost to the ravages of time, or perhaps a long lost siege. What is left is a crumbling ruin.



We also have a few fallen walls allowing the various denizens of the countryside to creep in and make their lairs inside the walls, so watch out for random monsters! (also there are some campaign coins there too, I was going to try to work them into the design as some sort of mega-loot, but then it turned into a ruin, so those will have to wait for another day)

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Dungeon a day: Monday 18 November

Finally all caught up.


This is today’s dungeon, by Ariel.


It has a nice foyer/courtyard.


And of course, the SCARY DOOR!! Wooo-ooo-ooooo!

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Dungeon a day catchup 2

Apologies for this first shot, it is terribly blurry.


This is Ariels dungeon and has lots of interesting architectural features that I failed to record because I am lame. In the future I will be better at taking photos of the more interesting designs.


Inspired by Ariel’s last ‘whitespace’ design I built this small outpost. I need to get some little squares of grass or other non-brick tiles to fill in the gaps. Just imaging that the whitespace is the ground :-)


This one is a pocket dimension temple that is only accessible via magic portal, there are no external facing doors.


Here is one of the portal rooms, this is a place where you can transit great distances, you enter via one portal and go out via another. Just be sure you know where you are going! There are a few other special portal doors scattered throughout the temple.


This is the focal portal of this temple. Dont open that portal unless you are ready to face what will come out!


Ariel and the Other Ben, inspired by the temple of portals above, decided to make their own only-accessable-via-magic dungeon. There are a few interesting features:


We have a second-floor lookout tower, and the magic portal entrance.


Last but not least, there is the door-in-the-floor. Open at your own risk!

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