Thursday 28 November

So, Ariel was back on dungeon artiste duty this morning. After the seven towers of the ancient order of the wizards yesterday, and the castle with the high tower the day before, and the gatehouse on the border on monday we have been having a bit of an obsession with verticality.


Today is no different and Ariel has definitely built something that is very tall.


She didn’t give me much to go on in terms of the backstory of this structure. Some things were said like: “it represents to ambition of the human spirit” and ” hashtag: art building” (that might have been me)


That said it is a lovely bit of architecture.


And of course, the doors-what-are-scary!

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Wednesday 27 November

Even though I built this one at about 8 am this morning, I am just now getting around to posting about it. Lots of other interesting work happening at Tin Man at the moment that is taking all my time. Look for for some super exciting new stuff in the new year :-)

Anyway, onto today’s dungeon: the spell tower. This one was absolutely inspired by Ariel’s multi-level tower studded castle from yesterday.


This is a wizardly tower where the wizardly people come to do their wizardly doings.


We have the seven towers, the six representing the six earthly elements: water, air, fire, earth, vitai, and nous. And the seventh tower of the arcane that binds and controls the others.


Here is the altar around which the words are chanted, upon which the reagents are prepared and consumed, and from whence the arcane powers are unleashed!


And of course, the SCARY DOOR!!! Wooooo-ooo-oo.


Around back, outside the living quarters is a smaller, more personal meditation area. Here we see the symbol of the arcane again, but juxtaposed with the dichotomy of the door and the wall. These are the symbols for the problem and the solution, of the challenge and the achievement, the yin and the yang. This meditation shrine is where new knowledge is forged, problems are contemplated and solutions are found! (also this is where you would pop out for a quick smoke between spell casting sessions)

Also I definitely wax far more lyrically in the evenings than in the early mornings. The early morning posts are pretty bleak and read like technical manuals :-) So, I guess my apologies for the early morning posts :-)

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Tuesday November 26, a surprise!

So, I was out most of the morning at some meetings and when I got back I was surprised by this amazing multi-level castle thing that Ariel built. She was inspired by my earlier gatehouse with towers and upped the ante quite a bit. I dont know how I am going to top this one. (I may have to buy more tiles!)


This one isn’t so much a dungeon as a sculpture piece! It is pretty awesome.

Here is the front entrance with the obligatory SCARY DOOR!!! Woooo-oooo-oooo!

Here is a shot looking down from the tallest tower.

Here is a lovely front-angle view. The keyboard in the background looks like it almost is meant to be there (but it isn’t).

Another shot across the front. This photo turned out nice so I kept it.

In any case, this one is just under the line in terms of the ‘dungeon every day’ since it is pretty late here, but we made it!

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Monday! It’s a wall!


Today I got in early and built a border gate. This is the gatehouse that controls the border crossings into this land. The wall (if I had more tiles) extends in both directions all along the border.


Here is the road leading up to the gate.


Here is the wall from the enemy side.


Here is a door.


Here is the dragon’s eye view as it swoops over and bathes the guardhouse in fire.

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Friday 22 November

Today we had a guest dungeon construction artist in to play: Rob Caporetto. (@rob_caporetto is prolly the best way to all the things)

He built a winding little maze dungeon:

IMG_1517 copy

Here is the cheat sheet:


Lots of little things like secret doors to the loot rooms and a proper ‘down from last level’ and ‘down to next level’ sort of flow thorugh.

and here are some first person closeups: (really, everyone seems to like these, so expect lots more of them in the future :-)


This is me as a hand model mostly just to get some scale, and adjust the SCARY DOOR so that you can see it.




I was actually trying to get the iPhone to focus on the background but at the last second it decided it would really rather focus on the foreground, thankyouverymuch. But it turned out nice so I kept it.


Here is a less scary (but slighly blurry) door.

also here is a shot that shows all of the interesting elevation stuff that is going on:

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