Monday 9 Dec! Tetris dungeon!

So, I am now officially way behind. December is the worst month to get proper work done, so of course the non-work is also suffering. This is actually friday’s dungeon, by esteemed guest dungeonator Craig!


This one is pretty straight forward really. Not so much a dungeon as an art piece :-)

Also, in case you are wondering what it was that has thrown us off our dungeon-a-day schedule, it is mostly this giant haul of gamebooks that arrived at the office last week. (thanks Drew!)


So instead of building dungeons as they should be, people are instead reading old gamebooks. (the nerve! :-)

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Wednesday December 4! Tiki Temple!

I am still behind on my daily postings, so this is yesterday’s dungeon. Again we had a guest dungeon artiste: this time our very own Tin Minion Clinton!


After the Draco-pony I can forsee a new fad of stealing stuff off of people’s desks and using them in the dungeons. In this case it is the tiki guy.


In any case, the dungeon Clinton has created is quite nice, very symmetrical and temple-like. Nice stairs!


Here it is from the top.


and of course, it has a scary door out front! Woooooooooo!

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Tuesday 3 December, the Draco-pony!

Still a bit behind on the blog posting, but luckily a stead stream of guest dungeon builders have kept the dungeons flowing! This one is by our newest Tin Minion: Kamina! (who can be followed here!:


Apologies for the angle here, this is the ‘I am sure I can get it all into one frame!’ angle.

In any case, the most striking feature of this dungeon is of course the gigantic Draco-pony. I am told that it breathes fire, but we did not have the proper arts and crafts supplies to achieve that, so we will presume that the Draco-pony is simply not angry enough to be breathing fire at the moment.


The Draco-pony has quite a generous loot table, and you can see that it hordes the shiny coins in its lair.

(in my best David Attenbourogh voice)

….As you can see, the Draco-pony makes her lair in the crumbling ruins of old castles. The Draco-pony is a fire breather and enjoys hording shiny metalic items, not unlike the common crow. This Draco-pony is really quite a spectacular specimin….


Here is a bit more phat lewt in the antechamber to the main dracopony lair.


Here is the whole layout from the top, but who cares really, I mean: Draco-pony!


And of course, no dungeon is complete without the scary doooooorrrrrr!

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Monday! 3 December!

So! I am a day behind. This dungeon was actually built yesterday and there is already a new one! In any case, yesterday we had the very excellent Matt Lacey as our guest dungeon artiste, and he built a nice sturdy little keep thing.



It even has a little tower on the left!


Here is the top view.


The back view behind the main wall, a cozy little place.


And of course! The Scary Dooor!! OOOOOOoooohhhh!

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Friday Nov 29

Today we had another guest dungeon artiste: our very own Giselle! (


She describes this creation as the Barbie Dream Dungeon. I am not sure that is really applicable, but there are some interesting features to be sure.


I believe this is our first dungeon with a pool, equipped with a diving board no less! (also filled with campaign coins, which is a nice touch)


We also have this hidden room-o-lewt that is only accessable via window, and Giselle says that once you go in, you cannot get out. A bit of a trap for the greedy I guess.


Here is the entrance window. I think that this is first time we have seen something like this also, but I think that this is not the last time we will see this stairs-to-the-window feature as it is terribly clever.


Finally we have a esoteric treasure storage area (with barrel!) and a private climbing wall.

Thanks Jazz!

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