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WWDC 2009

I will be there. If you are also going to be there, and you want to meet up and get a beer, or talk about anything on my blog or anything else really, then drop me a line at, … Continue reading

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BBTouch and the new TUIO

Hey All, I must apologize as I have been out of the loop on NUI group happenings for a few months due to high levels of busyness. Luckily, Sandor has pointed me at some TUIO formatting discussions and I am … Continue reading

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BBTUIOTest bugfixes

The clever NUIGroup member Aureau found a nice juicy bug in BBTUIOTest app. (these sorts of things will happen :-) Turns out I had read the TUIO spec to say that the message order in the TUIO bundle are generally … Continue reading

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More Bugfixes

Here are a handful more bugfixes that I committed a few minutes ago: thanks to the keen eyes of Georg of the Touche tracker fame who spotted these bugs: The TUIO auxiliary parameters were all messed up. (like velo, accel, … Continue reading

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Minor BBOSC framework update

I forgot to mention yesterday that I committed a minor update to the BBOSC framework. It was a single method call to allow convenient access to the attached objects of a packet. This came about because i never really ‘finished’ … Continue reading

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