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Infinite Universe free on the app store!

I have been neglecting this blog. I apologize to anyone of the very very few who used to follow me regularly. For the most part you should really be watching the Tin Man Games blog since that is where I … Continue reading

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DIY iPad stand for developing

The iPad finally arrived in Australia this week. Some of us uber-geeks have had them for awhile now. (i got mine by calling my mom in the states and having her send one out for me, thanks mom!!) Anyhow, it … Continue reading

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Funny story for the day: Here is how this works: Step 1: write an original article on your blog about a useful thing (like OpenAL) (we will call this the ‘original post’ and the ‘original blogger’) Step 2: someone else … Continue reading

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Desktop Upgrade

I usually try to keep my posts confined to the code and geek realm and keep them out of the “please read about the boring minutia of my day” kinds of posts. This one is on the border, but I … Continue reading

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Hey! New website!

Thanks to Brent at FatLab for fixing up my new wordpress install. Now my whole site is unified into a wordpress install instead of just the blog bits. The old site was getting long in the tooth anyway, and I … Continue reading

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