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Getting started with Unity3d at Freeplay 10

So. I gave a talk to day at Freeplay 10 all about Unity3d. I thought it was a bit scattered and I only got through about half of the stuff I wanted to get to (I didnt get to coroutines!! … Continue reading

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Compression settings for iPhone video

So. If you read this blog at all you may already know that I am the sole developer for the Gamebook Adventure series of iOS apps. If you havent checked them out and enjoy some choose-your-own-adventure style fantasy games, then … Continue reading

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Funny story for the day: Here is how this works: Step 1: write an original article on your blog about a useful thing (like OpenAL) (we will call this the ‘original post’ and the ‘original blogger’) Step 2: someone else … Continue reading

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Streaming in OpenAL

I have posted a few posts on OpenAL that have been very popular: a basic intro to OpenAL on the iPhone A rant about OpenAL and sample code how to properly handle interruptions in openAL on the iPhone how to … Continue reading

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New uniTUIO CE scripts

Hello everyone! Thanks to anyone who stopped by the Unity3d booth at GDC and said howdy to Sandor and I and checked out the multi-touch table: the FishTish. As promised, the updated uniTUIO scripts have been made available on the … Continue reading

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