Wednesday Dec 19! The Alchemist’s tower!


I finally had some time to build a dungeon! My first in a few weeks it seems. Anyhow, I have not gotten over my obsession with vertically dynamic layouts, so I built this Alchemists Tower!


It has a nice outdoor walk up, a bit of a maze to slow down the hordes of adventurers always breaking down the door, and a nice big cauldron to brew up some totally rad potions!


Your first approach is through this lovely gateway to Doom and a nice cobblestone walk up.


At the end of the walk we have the obligatory Scary-Door, this is to tell let people know that you would rather not be bothered as you have some important potions to brew!


If the intrepid visitors do in fact make it through the imposing scary door, then they have to navigate the maze where all manner of traps and creatures will be set upon them.


Once past the maze the adventurers make their way up the creepy stairway.


Finally the top is reached and the potions are consumed!

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