Tuesday 3 December, the Draco-pony!

Still a bit behind on the blog posting, but luckily a stead stream of guest dungeon builders have kept the dungeons flowing! This one is by our newest Tin Minion: Kamina! (who can be followed here!: https://twitter.com/spamoir)


Apologies for the angle here, this is the ‘I am sure I can get it all into one frame!’ angle.

In any case, the most striking feature of this dungeon is of course the gigantic Draco-pony. I am told that it breathes fire, but we did not have the proper arts and crafts supplies to achieve that, so we will presume that the Draco-pony is simply not angry enough to be breathing fire at the moment.


The Draco-pony has quite a generous loot table, and you can see that it hordes the shiny coins in its lair.

(in my best David Attenbourogh voice)

….As you can see, the Draco-pony makes her lair in the crumbling ruins of old castles. The Draco-pony is a fire breather and enjoys hording shiny metalic items, not unlike the common crow. This Draco-pony is really quite a spectacular specimin….


Here is a bit more phat lewt in the antechamber to the main dracopony lair.


Here is the whole layout from the top, but who cares really, I mean: Draco-pony!


And of course, no dungeon is complete without the scary doooooorrrrrr!

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