Friday Nov 29

Today we had another guest dungeon artiste: our very own Giselle! (


She describes this creation as the Barbie Dream Dungeon. I am not sure that is really applicable, but there are some interesting features to be sure.


I believe this is our first dungeon with a pool, equipped with a diving board no less! (also filled with campaign coins, which is a nice touch)


We also have this hidden room-o-lewt that is only accessable via window, and Giselle says that once you go in, you cannot get out. A bit of a trap for the greedy I guess.


Here is the entrance window. I think that this is first time we have seen something like this also, but I think that this is not the last time we will see this stairs-to-the-window feature as it is terribly clever.


Finally we have a esoteric treasure storage area (with barrel!) and a private climbing wall.

Thanks Jazz!

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