Tuesday November 26, a surprise!

So, I was out most of the morning at some meetings and when I got back I was surprised by this amazing multi-level castle thing that Ariel built. She was inspired by my earlier gatehouse with towers and upped the ante quite a bit. I dont know how I am going to top this one. (I may have to buy more tiles!)


This one isn’t so much a dungeon as a sculpture piece! It is pretty awesome.

Here is the front entrance with the obligatory SCARY DOOR!!! Woooo-oooo-oooo!

Here is a shot looking down from the tallest tower.

Here is a lovely front-angle view. The keyboard in the background looks like it almost is meant to be there (but it isn’t).

Another shot across the front. This photo turned out nice so I kept it.

In any case, this one is just under the line in terms of the ‘dungeon every day’ since it is pretty late here, but we made it!

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