I hate malware

Nothing better than just getting ready to close up shop for the day and have a nice dinner and a relaxing evening and then getting an email from a bank telling you that some asshat has infected your site and is hosting a phishing page from deep in your file directory.


So I had a quick look and sure enough the site was riddled with malware and other horrible things. I take responsibility for not being vigilant enough and letting my updates lag the releases by a few weeks here and there, so I have nobody to blame but myself.

Still sucks tho.

In any case instead of trying to pick out the infected bits i just nuked the site from orbit and started fresh. I did check my database to make sure it was not infested, so I dont have to go back through my years of sporadic blog posts in the database looking for hacks, so that is good.

That said, I have not the time nor the energy to restore the look and feel of the site so we are stuck with the generic wordpress look and feel.

So here is my protip for the day: keep your wordpress installs up to date! otherwise you will be the one getting that email.


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