Getting started with Unity3d at Freeplay 10

So. I gave a talk to day at Freeplay 10 all about Unity3d. I thought it was a bit scattered and I only got through about half of the stuff I wanted to get to (I didnt get to coroutines!! they are very important!) However, the audience was absolutely awesome and they ask really fantastic questions and it was a very interactive and fun session. Also, it was totally packed.

People were sitting on the floor and the room was about 35 degrees (that is 35 degrees C, for those of you in the states, that is approximately a million degrees fahrenheit). But all in all it was pretty awesome.

For anyone just tuning in, the talk started out with a quick tour of the unity interface, then I basically dove right into building a game prototype from scratch, trying to get it done in just over an hour. It was a bit of a frenzy of code and components and general Unity awesomeness. Well, I ended up only getting through the creation of a plane that you could fly around and shoot stuff and crash into things and exploding. That is as far as I got :-) I did not make ti to enemy turrets, or procedural city generation. However, as I mentioned earlier, there were so many good questions that I probably covered more actual material than I had originally planned.

(This is the prototype game using the frogames buildings, roads, textures and the plane)

Anyhow. Since the talk was all about prototyping, I was using the totally fantastic and incredably inexpensive protopack from frogames. These guys have a handful of unity compatible content packs that are absolutely worth every cent in terms of time saved and making it so easy to just grab a few prefabs, throw them into a scene attach a few scripts and you have your game idea outlined and ready to tweak.

However, I want to be able to give away the project, but I cannot give away the protopack… sooo I went in and stripped out the proto pack stuff and replaced it with primitives. It doesnt look as nice, but it still does the job, and you can get to the scripts and have a play with all the stuff I talked about today.

(this is the non-awesome looking primitives-only version of the project, which you can download)

So anyway, here is the Freeplay project sans protopack stuff.

SO: here is my advice: go and buy the protopack, it is only like $15 or something stupidly cheap. Then go and build your prototype game.

Let me know if you have questions or whatever!


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