iPhone Advanced Projects book out now!

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A few months ago I got a random email from the guys at Apress. They had gotten my contact details from someone who had read some of the blog posts on my blog where I try to explain how to code some things up.

Well, I guess they liked what they read and they asked me to participate in a few iPhone development books.

The first of these is “iPhone Advanced Projects”, a compilation of useful iphone development stories from various professionals in the field.


My chapter is all about building particle systems in OpenGL, and there are other chapters covering a wide range of iPhone topics like utilizing wifi to talk with other iPhones, Cocoa Touch tips and tricks, GPS, porting non iPhone apps to the iPhone etc..

The whole book is great and if you are an iPhone developer of any level, you are sure to get good value out of it.

If you have any questions about my chapter specifically, do hesitate to post here or email me directly: support@benbritten.com


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