‘Mole’ coming for iPhone, now with playable web prototype

In early October I started a new game project in conjunction with Chris Watts, a local game designer here in Melbourne. The game is called ‘Mole’.

Picture 21

It is a mining game where you play Mark the Mole and race against your air supply time limit to find gems and mine metals. Once you run out of air you have to get back to the surface where you can use your gems and metal to upgrade your various bits of equipment, (better air tanks means you can dig deeper to find the more valuable gems, better mining pick means you can dig faster and through harder types of earth, etc..)

It is built entirely in Unity3d, which is how we were able to build the prototype in just a couple of weeks.

We entered it into Muse Games Immunity Game Prototyping Competition. You can play the single-level prototype there, so go check it out! (and vote for us!)

While it would be great to win the Immunity Challenge, the biggest reason we put it out there is to get some early exposure to the users and see what their reaction to the game would be. So, go have a look at Mole (and the other Immunity entrants) and then leave a comment here, or post one to teh immunity forums, or email me directly and let us know what you think!


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