Snowferno! Some early details!

Hey All,

I have been extra busy lately, and finally we have some stuff to put up about our upcoming iPhone game: Snowferno!

(by ‘us’ I mean myself and the very talented Mike and Brent from Fatlab Music)

It is an accelerometer controlled 3d puzzle game. And it is all about a snowball that has to travel through the inferno in order to survive the summer :-)

Here is an early teaser trailer:

edit: updated to a slightly newer version :-)

I will be posting more details as we finish things up. We are going to be doing a development blog over at the game’s site: once that is ready to go (should be any day now :-)

It is a fun game, and the music is incredible, so look for it when it comes out!

We hope to have it on the app store around july sometime. (depending on approval delays etc..)


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