xPrexxo update

I just put up an update to the xPrexxo code. Now you can do movies as well as static images. More details (tho not many more :-) can be found at the xTuio website.


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  1. Kairosio says:

    Hi Ben,

    thanks a lot for xprexxo.
    Great app!!

    But i got some questions about the preferences.
    Max Dimention in percent or wht means the number?

    What means
    scatter view has shadows?

    And what means:
    HighREz:Lowrez flipscale
    image fling factor
    Flow Flip Distance
    Flow Swipe Threshold
    Flow Tap Threshold?
    and what means the numbers for these?

    Thanks in advance for your answer!


  2. Ben says:

    Hey K,

    Sorry for the late response, it has been a bit busy here :-)

    It has been a loooong time since I wrote that bit of software, so I actually dont remember what all those numbers are, some of them you may just need to put in some numbers and see what happens :-)

    the ones I think I remember are:
    image fling factor will be some multiplier that controls how long and how far the images coast after you let them go in the scatter view.

    flow swipe threashold will be probably a number of pixels reuired to move before the touch is considered a swipe (as opposed to just a touch)

    scatter view has shadows: in the scatter view you can have each image draw it’s own drop shadow. This looks really great but is a pretty big processor hog, so if you are starting to get stuttery playback, then turn it off.

    the other ones I cant remember :-) sorry! I would say just put in some low numbers and put in some high numbers and see what effect they have, then tweak them to suit your application.


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