BBTouch and the new TUIO

Hey All,

I must apologize as I have been out of the loop on NUI group happenings for a few months due to high levels of busyness. Luckily, Sandor has pointed me at some TUIO formatting discussions and I am going to try and keep BBTouch up to date with those sorts of things (i fully support expanding the TUIO protocol in a nice standard way, It sounds like tBeta is leading that charge and good on ’em.)

Anyway, from what i can gather in my 5 minutes of research (reading some NUI forum posts) is that currently some of the Quartz composer and Max plugins that NUI group helps maintain are basically advancing in TUIO protocol technology and BBTouch and some of the other ‘old’ trackers are not working well with them.

This is due to the fact that tBeta is using a slightly newer form of TUIO which includes the height and width of the cursor object in the data stream (ie the blob bounding box) I think this is a great addition and could use it in my own TUIO client apps straight away.

Anyhow, I am going to try and add the height and width params to the BBTouch TUIO stream (in some configurable way so that you can choose to not use them if you are using an older client) hopefully by the end of this week, busyness permitting.

That is all for now!

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3 Responses to BBTouch and the new TUIO

  1. mkalten says:

    Hey Ben, this is Martin Kaltenbrunner.
    As I mention in that thread you posted, I am currently developing the next generation and eventually “TUIO2” protocol specification. What I asked there is actually NOT to modify the present protocol implementations. The addition of the width and height parameters in tbeta already caused some confusion and crashing TUIO clients, so I’d like to ask you to follow the current TUIO specification with BBTouch for the moment.
    I know of course that some addtional parameters and features have become necessary over time, and we hope to address those with the next generation protocol specification.

    More info’s will soon become available here:

    Keep up your great work!
    best, Martin.K

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Martin!

    No worries! Luckily I haven’t actually had the free time to get around to changing it, so I don’t have to change it back :-)

    Anyway, thanks for all the great work on the TUIO spec! (and all your awesomeness with the reactable!)


  3. mkalten says:

    Thanks Ben, did you receive my remarks about TUIO2 in general?
    I’d would be nice to have a quick chat with you about that topic.
    cheers, Martin.K

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