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many thanks to ScreamingDrills for finding a nasty little bug: Turns out when you are in the filter config window, you used to be able to put in all sorts of numbers that would break things. I added some nice constraints, but did a poor job of it :-) as of r157 you could still squeeze in a few bad numbers (ie 1 for any of the kernel sizes) so I went and fixed all that up. SO!

update your stuff to r158. (there is a new binary on the opentouch code site)

NOTE: Don’t forget that BBTouch requires openCV.framework now. so be sure to grab that as well and stick it into your ~/Library/Frameworks folder. (you may have to make this folder).. It is actually a private framework, and I have been playing around with trying to get it to be part of the BBTouch codebase, but googlecode is not playing nice with it (it claims to be locked, which is possible since I got it from someone else who had compiled it. So anyway, i haven’t had the time to go in and see why SVN thinks it is locked and so it is still not technically part of BBTouch, so you have to install it manually, my apologies)

But! if you do not install it, then BBTouch will brash on load. so if you re having crash on load issues, start with openCV. (BTW I uploaded the version that I am testing against to the opentouch downloads page, so you can get it there. (the link to the right that says “Fairly recent binaries”).

Anyhow, I am in the process of trying to find the time to get around to thinking about updating the documentation to include the above warning about openCV as well as all the new filtery stuff. But I havent had the chance, so tell your friends.

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