Quick Code Update for BBTouch

Hey All,

I just finished committing the last of the new filter code to the repository. (r150) No binary yet (I am at a conference, waiting for the keynote to start, so no time now :-) so you will have to compile your own. You will also need the openCV.framework
(found here: http://www.ubaa.net/shared/processing/opencv/)

(I plan to add it properly to the project as a private framework, but didnt do it when i added it first for some reason, and now I keep forgetting)

anyhow, the only thing to know really is that in the View Menu, there is a new option : Filter Config… This will allow you to adjust the filter parameters for your setup. It is kinda optimized for DI stuff right now (because that is what I have) but I will add more FTIR friendly filters later (if someone tells me what they need) Oh, and dont put even numbers (or zero) in for the kernel values, or it will crash. I need to put a constraint on that, but haven’t got to it. You can put any number in for the Threshold Mean Offset tho. (negative numbers usually work best)

Let me know any bugs you find!


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2 Responses to Quick Code Update for BBTouch

  1. thescreamingdrills says:

    Just got a chance to play with it – it seems much faster and more stable now! I can get 15fps with my xbox live cam, it’s much more responsive than the latest touche release anyway. Thanks to you and sandor! I can’t wait to see what you guys have cooking.

  2. Ben says:

    Hey Drills!

    Glad to hear it, yeah it should be a bit better all around. I am trying very hard to keep the performance up to snuff. I am basically using my machine as a benchmark (since I dont have another machine to benchmark :-) but currently at 640×480 with about 3/4 of the view ‘active’ (ie im the mesh) i get 30 fps full tracking with up to ten blobs and the processor rarely gets over 95%. And, if i close down the bbtouch interface (ie just close the window, basically turning off all the expensive drawing that it is doing) the processor goes down to about 60%.

    So that is good :-)

    Anyhow let me know if you have bugs or issues!

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