a big ball of suck

So, the firewire ports on my main dev machine died today. This has happened once before. One moment everything is hunky-dorey, then the firewire drives stop responding and the camera no longer works, then all hell breaks loose! (in a very slow fashion, kinda a super sluggish hell, until you can finally get the thing shut down properly (or just hold the power button down in an act of frustration)). No wakeup from sleep, and it takes 5 minutes to boot up, bleah.

I did all the things you are meant to do in these types of situations; PRAM, PMU, disk utility, blah blah… no avail.

Now the poor laptop is languishing in service for what will probably be a whole week (just to replace a single daughterboard.. ugh)

SO, for anyone waiting on updates to BBTouch, they will take a bit longer. I am on the old 12″ G4 (which to apple’s credit, is still quite snappy, even with Leopard on it) and I am downloading the gigantic SDK/XCode images as we speak. That said, this will definitely set me back a dew days :-(

So, there you go.

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