Unibrain fire-i IR

After much waiting (like four days, they were actually very quick, but as i have mentioned, i am very impatient) I got the fire-i camera:


There it is, with my 3-ply film-negative visible light filter professionally taped onto the 4.3/no IR lens.

Here are the obligatory IR shots:
First, here is the apple remote illuminating me making a silly face. Here is a hint tho: maybe dont use the apple remote when doing this kind of shot. iTunes went mad, and i found out if you hold down the play/pause button for too long, your computer will go to sleep.

And here is the standard: ‘Hey IR makes liquids look clear! shot’, usually done with a cola of some sort. Shown here to also work with single malt scotch.


Quick review: the unibrain fire-i is a pretty damn good camera. I highly recommend it for any of your fire-wire camera needs. One thing however, it is not autofocus. (which in this case, is a good thing) but you can see form the above images if you are just waving the thing around and not focusing it, then it can get a bit blurry. However, in the multitouch table it is fantastic. (and another problem i had with the iSight: autofocus. It wouldnt shut off! and since i had remove some of the optics, it could never find a good focus so it would constantly go from end to end of its focal length, which was quite annoying. You can turn that stuff off, but it is a giant pain in the ass. Just get the fire-i)

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2 Responses to Unibrain fire-i IR

  1. Bill says:

    Hello Ben,

    Where did you order the camera from? I’ve only seen PointGrey camera’s like this. The cost on them is rather high for hobby work.

  2. Ben says:

    hey Bill,

    I got it from unibrain.com. they have their own online store, and you can get just the OEM board camera. I got the board cam color, and the 4.3 no ir lens for about US$130. You can definitely get a cheaper camera and modify it for IR use, but for me it was worth it to just be able to screw on the no-ir lens and be on my way.


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