Cuddly with a Cold

cuddly the cuttlefish with a cold
Ever since i drew the first ‘Cuddly the Cuttlefish’ my girlfriend, Leonie has been obsessed with cartoon cuttlefish. It was meant to be a one-off exercise, i kinda picked a random subject: the cuttlefish, and i drew it. The first few i drew from reference pictures (gotta love google images) were fairly realistic, but it leant itself to a nice cartoonization (if i may use that term) so i went ahead and made the original ‘Cuddly’ below.

This week both Leonie and I got a cold, nothing life threatening, but many many tissues were used. So, after repeated requests at drawing more cuttlefish, the cold became the impetus for the most recent Cuddly. (or should it be Cuttly?

cuddly the cuttlefish with a cold with sketchwork

And just for giggles: this is the sketchwork behind the ‘finished’ piece. (if you could call it finished, since it really is just a sketch in and of itself). All this was done on the wacom pad, in illustrator (cs2, dont have 3 yet) with the simplest round brush, 3 point diameter, and a 2 point pressure variation. I have sorta come to like that setting for most everything. (after much tweaking. it gives me a nice range of sizes, and allows for some nice flowing strokes, but without going too big). Since i mostly like just using pencils on paper when i am going analog, i find this nice minimal setting to be similar in simplicity to pencils. I rarely use anything else on the wacom (when drawing in any case, once the piece is drawn, then i might go back and fiddle with stroke weights and go in a micro-manage the points, but for the initial drawing, all 3-point round brush for me)

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