Wednesday Dec 19! The Alchemist’s tower!


I finally had some time to build a dungeon! My first in a few weeks it seems. Anyhow, I have not gotten over my obsession with vertically dynamic layouts, so I built this Alchemists Tower!


It has a nice outdoor walk up, a bit of a maze to slow down the hordes of adventurers always breaking down the door, and a nice big cauldron to brew up some totally rad potions!


Your first approach is through this lovely gateway to Doom and a nice cobblestone walk up.


At the end of the walk we have the obligatory Scary-Door, this is to tell let people know that you would rather not be bothered as you have some important potions to brew!


If the intrepid visitors do in fact make it through the imposing scary door, then they have to navigate the maze where all manner of traps and creatures will be set upon them.


Once past the maze the adventurers make their way up the creepy stairway.


Finally the top is reached and the potions are consumed!

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Monday’s Dungeon! It’s like a jail block or something!

So, being sick last week put a bit of a crimp in the dungeon factory here at the arcade, but I think the real problem is xmas. December is the month that productivity goes to die, and we are seeing that in the dungeons.


However, a few mega-awesome people are still bangin out designs! Today’s dungeon is brought to you by Mr Matt Lacey!


There are some cool bits, like a guard-lookout balcony.


Some standardized cells (some with loot, for some reason. I would think that there would not be too much extra loot hanging around in a jail, but hey, dungeons have loot I guess)



And of course some gratuitous close ups!

That is all for today!

If you like dungeons, then you should check out some of our games (over on the right –>) Also we just released a new one:
Island of the Lizard King! Check it out!

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Friday’s Dungeon! (or maybe thursday… I forget)

It may have even been wednesday’s dungeon. I was out sick last week for a bit so the dungeon building slowed down to a crawl.



Ed From Considerable Content was our guest dungeon constructor and he made a great little dungeon with a couple of interesting innovations.



First up we have this lovely second level catwalk with elevated walkover! I will definitely be stealing this idea for future builds.



and we also have this dedicated loot-room with obligator scary-door access.

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Tuesday Dungeon! An Amazing Amaze!

Luckily after our slightly slow start to the dungeon week on monday, Matt saved the whole week with this man-in-the-maze creation.



There are some fun features but mostly it is just a nice little maze.

Here are a bunch of cool shots of it:




And finally the SCARY DOOOOoooooOOOOR!!!

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Monday Again!

So the last post was labeled as monday but the dungeon was actually built on friday. This dungeon was build on monday.


Ariel built this one, and she described it as: “ this is the monday dungeon… not really feeling it today”.


It is kinda square and functional and whatever, who cares… where is my coffee… why is the internet so slow today!

There is some gold on a bit of a tower, just out of reach, hard to get to enough for the adventurer to be like: why do we even bother… monday… lets go kill some kobolds or something…

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